superbacana+ It all started with our design studio. After that, came art-education projects, publications, art classes. Now, superbacana+ has fully encompassed its multidisciplinary nature and created a flexible platform that includes book creation, logos, and other beautiful things in a broad cultural and entertainment package. This might take the form of a watercolour course, a photography lecture, or a flower-arranging workshop. More than just an open plan space, it is also open-minded. It comes even with a small “store”, offering carefully curated products, available only at the time. The superbacana+ promise is to add rather than repeat. The + in the name is no coincidence.

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av. brig. faria lima, 2012 12º andar 01451 000 são paulo sp brasil
t 3815 8429 | 94311 5523

@superbacana_mais /superbacanamais